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Smoking Beef Jerky

April 24th, 2011 by smokey-mountain

Convert your gas grill to a smoker and smoke yourself some beef jerky

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  1. Zemuluz

    mmmmmmmm ├▒am :)

  2. grillingsmokersam

    It is easy to do! Grill smoking food on your regular gas grill. The best beef jerky you will ever make. E-mail me for the recipe.

    mmmmmmmmmmmm nam Sam

  3. amaze1

    How long do you smoke it?

  4. CheckDTwitter

    I’m Hungry

    Great Video

  5. RockVidzX

    I thought this was how to get high on beef jerky!!!!!!!

  6. journeyquest1

    still lookin 4 a good way to really smoke meat

  7. Powne00

    He sure does love his Louisiana styled flavorings.

  8. 7777dmith7777

    Dude every time I try to smoke jerky It makes the Zig Zags fall apart should I just use a bowl instead ??

  9. annakittcat


  10. camping101

    This is the worst way to make jerky. Buy a nice London broil and slice it into strips.

  11. TheVittleVlog

    Way to go fella’s!!

  12. allgoraro

    @RockVidzX hahaha!

  13. tsdrakemn

    How long about does this take on the grill?

  14. tsdrakemn

    How long about on the grill does this take?

  15. grillingsmokersam

    @tsdrakemn 1 hour.

  16. grillingsmokersam

    @camping101 Yea smoke some jerky and try it. Works like a champion. Use apple and Hickory wood and finish iff with cherry woodchips.

  17. grillingsmokersam

    @journeyquest1 the Sam Smoker Pro will convert any grill into a real smoker and

  18. grillingsmokersam

    @7777dmith7777 use a jeek shooter on wax paper on a trya and flash freeze.

    Make them hard then place on the grill with smoker going on the top warming rack.

  19. bigcheifsmokempuff

    @7777dmith7777 LMFAO !!!!!

  20. ChickenNugget3467

    ok i think this is more on the lines of a commercial rather than showing a recipe so i’ll have to try another video on making beef jerkey i’m not trying to be rude i’m only stating an opinion also the beef jerky in the end seemed to be very lose and not chewy so i’m guessing smoking beef jerky would not be right for my tastes

  21. faredust77


  22. khmerst4444

    ayy what u soak the wood “chips” in ?

  23. 6spongey98

    i was looking for people getting high on jerky

  24. 2guys1diet

    The musics a little loud :-)

  25. dendog21

    @camping101 I agree. I think there is some confusion here. Although the device does work as a smoker what was made is not Beef Jerky. It appears as though this method would best be suited for ribs where cooking the meat is required. This is just flavored hamburger strips. Real beef jerky takes a lot longer than an hour and is done by drying the meat over a low heat (135F-150F) not cooking it for an hour on high heat. That grill was too small for the amount of heat on the grill.

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